by Rachel Theron

Use this technique to easily crop a circle within an image using Photoshop.

Step 1: Add your image to photoshop and double-click on the “background” layer so it becomes a normal layer.


Step 2: Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool. The default setting is for the Rectangular Marquee so click and hold down until the window appears allowing you to make the appropriate selection.


Step 3: Drag your mouse and create a circle on image. Want it to be the perfect circle? The hold down “shift” while dragging the marquee tool.


Step 4: Now you will need to inverse the layer. Go to your toolbar and choose “Select” and then “Inverse.” A dashed box will now appear around the rest of the image.


Step 5: Hit “delete” and the rest of the image will disappear except for the circular area you selected. Important: be sure to save file as a “PNG” so the image will have no background (saving as a JPEG, for example, preserves the background and it will display as a white or gray area). You may also need to crop away excess space on image. You can accomplish that by selecting the Rectangular Marquee and using it to frame your image. You then go to the tool bar and select “Image” and then “Crop.”


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