By Colin Newcomer | Elegant Themes Blog

Did you know that Facebook videos generate over 8 billion views every single day? And that 8 billion is double where that number was a year ago? While some of this massive success can be attributed to autoplaying videos and favorable view-counting methodology, the fact remains that Facebook video is now a major player for video consumption.

This post is all about harnessing Facebook video by embedding it in your WordPress posts and pages. I’ll show you how you can easily embed Facebook videos through the regular WordPress Editor and/or Divi. Then, I’ll give you information on how you can change some basic display details for your videos and make them autoplay. And finally, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with the first method I outline, I’ll also show you the easiest method to embed videos via an iframe.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Videos

While YouTube is likely to remain the video king for the foreseeable future, I do see some advantages of embedding Facebook videos. For instance, you can…

– Take Advantage of Live Streaming – you might’ve seen the popular new live streaming feature Facebook recently launched. When you embed videos following this method, you’ll also be able to embed live streaming from Facebook directly into your WordPress site.

– Cross Promote Your Facebook Page – embedding Facebook videos provides another method to promote your Facebook page on your website. Even if you’re already including “like” buttons or a link to your page, embedding videos directly from Facebook provides another connection. Of course, if you’re also trying to promote a YouTube channel, you’ll need to choose where your priorities lie.

– Curate Video Content from Other Facebook Pages – if you see a great native Facebook video that you want to include in a post or page, embedding it is pretty much your only option unless you want to link directly to the Facebook page.

How to Embed Facebook Video With JavaScript SDK

This process for setting up Facebook video is pretty painless. But, it does require adding a small code snippet to your theme’s header before you can start embedding actual videos. This code snippet is worth it because it enables you to do some nifty things like adding autoplay to your embedded videos.

So to get started, you need to add Facebook’s SDK for JavaScript to your theme’s header.

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